Monday, 18 November 2013

THE REDSKINS John Peel Session 9th October 1982

THE MULBERRY CEILINGS "Two Lumps Please" (Live) The Rock Garden, London 17th May 1989

SOPHIE & PETER JOHNSTON John Peel Session 19th February 1983

HELEN & THE HORNS John Peel Session 25th July 1984

DOLLY MIXTURE John Peel Session 7th August 1979

THE HIGH FIVE GROUP John Peel Session 23rd May 1983

AGE OF CHANCE John Peel Session 6th October 1985

THE MARINE GIRLS "Leave Me With The Boy" (Live) Kingston Polytechnic 13th May 1983

THE SHOP ASSISTANTS Janice Long Session 16th February 1986

THE BRILLIANT CORNERS "Brian Rix" (Live) The Buzz Club at Camberley Football Club 8th March 1987

BMX BANDITS "Flipper" (Live) The Buzz Club at The West End Centre, Aldershot 14th February 1987

THE ROOM "Sleep Tight" (Live) The Brixton Ace 2nd April 1983

THE WALTONES "When You Smile" (Live) The Buzz Club at The West End Centre, Aldershot 16h September 1988

ORANGE JUICE "In A Nutshell" (Live) The Crystal Palace Bowl, London 22nd September 1984

THE JUNE BRIDES "Something Going On" / "Waiting For My Man" (Live) The Magical Mystery Twang at The Royal Wessex, Templecombe 15th December 1985