Thursday, 6 June 2013

THE STONE ROSES "Made Of Stone" (Live) The Cherry Orchard at The Escape Club, Brighton 28th February 1989

THE LIGGERS John Peel Session 30th September 1980

THE CHARLATANS "This One Is Always On My Mind" (Live) The Buzz Club at The West End Centre, Aldershot 13th January 1990

LAUGH John Peel Session 9th March 1986

THE PLUTO "Phall Pancake Universe Bee" (Live) The Boileroom, Guildford 7th June 2007

THE JASS BABIES John Peel Session 19th October 1981

JIMMY NORTON'S EXPLOSION John Peel Session 30th July 1979

THE GO-BETWEENS "Slow Slow Music" (Live) The Empire Rooms, Tottenham Court Road, London 28th June 1984

I'M SO HOLLOW John Peel Session 13th August 1980

THE SPINTO BAND Zoe Ball Session 4th March 2006

THAT PETROL EMOTION Janice Long Session 26th April 1987

THE PROCLAIMERS Janice Long Session 4th January 1987