Tuesday, 24 September 2013

THE BODINES Janice Long Session 30th September 1985

THE QUADS John Peel Session 29th August 1979

THE PRATS John Peel Session 13th September 1979

CHINA CRISIS John Peel Session 15th January 1983

MARTYN BATES "Bright Play Of Eyes" (Live) The Basement, Brighton 24th October 1987

THE DENTISTS "You Make Me Say It Somehow" (Live) The Escape Club, Brighton 22nd October 1985

THE WEATHER PROPHETS "Swimming Pool Blue" (Live) The Southill Arts Centre, Cellar Bar, Bracknell 26th May 1988

THE OPPOSITION "Breaking The Silence" (Live) The Castle, Finchley Road, London 26th August 1983

AND ALSO THE TREES John Peel Session 7th April 1984

THE GYMSLIPS John Peel Session 22nd May 1984

THE PASSIONS Kid Jensen Session 18th February 1982

THE PASSIONS John Peel Session 7th May 1980