Friday, 11 October 2013

MUSICAL YOUTH John Peel Session 22nd April 1981

FIREHOSE John Peel Session 12th June 1988

THE BOO RADLEYS John Peel Session 12th December 1990

THE POPGUNS John Peel Session 9th January 1990

ANDREW BERRY John Peel Session 21st September 1986

BUY OFF THE BAR John Peel Session 28th September 1986

THE AURBISONS "Debbie Rix" (Live) The West End Centre, Aldershot 9th January 1988

TESTCARD F John Peel Session 18th December 1982

MEDIUM MEDIUM "So Hungry So Angry" (Live) The Lyceum, London 18th February 1982

GRANT McCLENNAN The Adams Arms, London 1st October 1983

THE GIST "Greener Grass" (Live) The University Of London Union 11th February 1983

THE WOLFHOUNDS John Peel Session 23rd March 1986

TELEVISION PERSONALITIES "I Remember Bridget Riley" (Live) The Room At The Top At The Chalk Farm Enterprise 14th December 1985

THOMAS TRUAX "Full Moon Over Wowtown" (Live) The Railway Inn, Winchester 18th July 2006

THE CUBAN HEELS "Call Of The Wild" (Live) Farnborough Technical College 17th November 1981

CUD "Robinson Crusoe" (Live) The Basement, Brighton 7th March 1990

PORTION CONTROL John Peel Session 4th January 1984

VIV STANSHALL John Peel Session 18th July 1978

BLUE AEROPLANES Janice Long Session 15th February 1987

BLACK "Stephen For The Moment" (Live) The University Of London Union 3rd December 1982

WAH HEAT! Erics Club Liverpool 14th March 1980

THE FIRE John Peel Session 29th February 1984

DARREN HAYMAN "Half A Life" (Live) The Luminaire, Kilburn 26th August 2006

THE MARINE GIRLS "Lazy Ways" (Live) The London School Of Economics 14th May 1983